Walking Tours

Our walking tours feature houses, churches and commercial structures of historic and architectural interest. All the structures are included in Belfast's Historic District, which is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. The tours are free, self–guided, and include easy to follow maps. Tours can be picked up at the Belfast Museum and the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce Information Center.

Downtown & Waterfront

Belfast was first settled in the spring of 1770, and by 1805, when the first downtown street plan was drawn, it was the market town for the area. Since that first plan was drawn, the downtown and waterfront have grown tremendously. Our downtown is considered to be the best extant brick commercial district in Maine, meaning- the buildings haven’t changed much and most are still here!

We encourage locals and visitors alike to learn more about this history by following this self-guided tour/brochure.

Church Street & Primrose Hill

Church Street and Primrose Hill include some of Belfast’s best examples of several architectural styles. Ship captains, bankers, merchants and businessmen built fine Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate and Queen Anne houses in the 19th century.

You can pick up this tour brochure along with the Downtown and Waterfront tour brochure at the Belfast Museum and the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce information center.

Museum in the Streets panel

Museum In The Streets®

A heritage-discovery tour which features 30 panels and two large map panels. The tour is made up of photographs and interpretive text describing historic houses, the downtown, the waterfront and a few of our best-known men and women. All panels give the viewer a sense of place. It is designed as a bi-lingual history walking tour. We have chosen French as the second language in recognition of the Franco-American community within Maine.

Come join us and participate at BHSM!

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