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From April through October the Belfast Historical Society invites guest speakers to present historical programs at the Belfast Free Library. Many of these programs we make available to the public through our website Vimeo channel.

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Our "Window on History" program is produced by the Belfast Historical Society and Museum. We feature a variety of expert presenters during the season.

Watch all Window on History programs on our Vimeo channel. If you would like to purchase one of programs, please contact or visit us at the Museum.

The 30 minute Health Care program and the five short version programs are viewable from our Vimeo page. Audio quality varies from program to program.

The History of Health Care in Waldo County: 1900 – 1950

The Belfast Historical Society, with the support of the Maine Community Foundation - Waldo County Fund, has produced a series of five short digital multimedia modules, depicting early health care. Topics include a general reminiscences about care in the days when doctors routinely made house calls, sometimes operated on kitchen tables, and without miracle drugs like penicillin in their black doctor bags. Another module tells of several nurses’ experiences at the Nursing School of the Waldo County General Hospital and on some of the practices and experiences of being a nurse in the early 20th century.

The audio originates from recordings made in the mid-1990s as part of research for the book on the History of Belfast in the 20th Century authored by Jay Davis, editor and writer and Dr. Tim Hughes, a local physician. The images in the program were provided by the historical society and Waldo County General Hospital.

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